Navigating Beauty Education: Accredited Courses vs. Nationally Recognised Qualifications

This blog post will explore why a nationally recognised qualification, such as an RFQ, might be the gold standard in a regulating future of the beauty industry.

How permanent makeup can change your life

There is nothing worse than having a “poor makeup day” and continuously needing to touch up your face. Permanent makeup allows you to get rid of your cosmetic bag for good. Make sure your game face is always on, even when you’ve been awake for

Could you be a permanent makeup artist?

The earning potentials in permanent makeup can be life changing. However, nothing worthwhile comes easy – there’s ‘A LOT’ of practice that goes into tattooing people’s faces – I mean let’s face it we’ve all seen the botched images of

powder, ombre and airstroke brows

Which Brow is right for you? Powder?, Ombre?, Microblading?, Hairstroke? or Combination?

Powder Ombre Brows This is done with a machine in a more traditional tattoo method but not as deep or blocky. Once healed this mimics the look of a pencil or powder brow. This method is suitable for all skin types and is flattering for all ages. Ther

pre and post care permanent makeup

Pre and Post Care for Permanent Makeup

Post treatment Avoid drinking large amounts of coffee, taking ibuprofen, aspirin (unless medically advised) and alcohol the night before your treatment. Any waxing, tinting or eyelash perming should be done 48 hours prior to your treatment. The week