potential earnings of a permanent makeup artist

The earning potentials in permanent makeup can be life changing. However, nothing worthwhile comes easy – there’s ‘A LOT’ of practice that goes into tattooing people’s faces – I mean let’s face it we’ve all seen the botched images of permanent makeup on social media – where they’ve almost ruined someone’s life.

When enrolling on one of my courses, be prepared to not get an easy ride and be ‘qualified’ in a day. There is an in depth online pre-practical course and assignments to complete, then when you come to do the practical days – get ready for some extra hours on the evening to put in practice for the next day.

You see I don’t just want you to be able to ‘sort of know what your doing’ or just ‘get by’, I want you to be fully confident and knowledgeable to complete your case studies then fly in your dream career.

Having the ability to change people’s lives is amazing! Watching the look in their eyes as they first glimpse their new brows, liner, or lips when you’re finished is truly heart-warming and honourable. That’s why it is important for you to have a passion to help people not just to have the attitude this will make you financially better off. Because the power to give your clients self-esteem and confidence is a wealth that’s unmatchable.

If you have decided your up for a challenge to change your life and others – click the link to take you to permanent makeup courses and change your life forever.