How permanent makeup can change your life

There is nothing worse than having a “poor makeup day” and continuously needing to touch up your face. Permanent makeup allows you to get rid of your cosmetic bag for good. Make sure your game face is always on, even when you’ve been awake for two days straight.

We, at Aiyana Beauty, have spent over 29 years in the beauty industry and over 10 years performing permanent makeup (PMU), and our salon is based in Wallsend just outside Newcastle – which makes it easy to get to from all areas of the North East.

We can help you achieve the appearance you want and then apply permanent makeup to keep it there. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy life rather than obsessively scrutinizing your face for imperfections.

With micropigmentation (permanent makeup), you no longer need to worry about getting ready in the morning at the crack of dawn to “put your face on,”, instead, at a respectable hour you can greet the day with self-assurance.

Let’s get one thing straight first though – what the heck is it called? – microblading, permanent makeup (PMU), or semi-permanent makeup (SPMU)?

It’s ALL a form of tattooing! and as its a form of tattooing it is ALL permanent makeup – yes even microblading and SPMU!

Permanent make-up, is a treatment for the face that enhances the eyes, brows, and lips. I call it permanent because all PMU, SPMU and microblading is tattooing, therefore, is NOT guaranteed to fade 100% – elements of the pigment will always be in the skin – even if it does seem to fade quite well in some skins. PMU requires colour boosts to keep it fresh looking – depending on the pigments and the technique used, it is normal for colour boosts to be 12-24 months – depending on your maintenance and skin type.

How it works.

Machine method involves a tattoo machine – the machine causes a thin vibrating needle to implant pigment into the skin’s uppermost layers of the dermis. Before treatment, the region can be numbed with a lotion containing a local anesthetic. Unlike a tattoo, the color only penetrates approx. 1.5 – 2 millimeters deep. This depth shouldn’t be too painful – even for the squeamish! – put it this way I can tattoo on a balloon without popping or even tattoo on a gloved hand without it going through the glove.

For microblading, hair strokes are inserted manually – with a handheld tool – this method does NOT suit all skin types, so I only microblade suitable skin types.

Who Benefits?

Those with busy schedules, poor vision, uneven features, or a lack of definition in their brows or lips, or eyes can benefit from permanent cosmetics or semi-permanent makeup. Smudge and sweat resistance, along with it being long-lasting.

Permanent make-up procedures:

  • Eyeliner and Eyelash enhancement
  • Lash liner and wing liner
  • Eyebrows
  • Lips

Brows – Eyebrows that perfectly frame the face!

The shape of your eyebrows can have a dramatic impact on your appearance. A superb brow may help to frame your face by adding expression, warmth, and depth using the perfect form and style. We can help you achieve those perfect hair stroke brows.

When you look at celebrities like Megan Fox and Cheryl Cole, their eyebrows are well defined. As a result, they appear more polished, fresh, and youthful.

The Aiyana Beauty procedure for eyebrow shaping is so accurate that we can recreate the form of your eyebrows by tattooing each hair at a tiny level.

Whether it’s due to over-plucking or lack of hair we can create the perfect brow just for you!

For those looking for combination brows or combo brows. This can also be done! It’s a blend of microblading or machine hairstrokes and powder brows. With microblading, (hair strokes are inserted manually – with a handheld tool – this method does NOT suit all skin types, so I prefer to use machine hairstrokes instead), along the brow’s border to achieve a natural-looking appearance and the powder effect is applied using a permanent makeup machine to the entire brow area.

When it comes to eyebrows, we utilize a variety of techniques depending on your skin type and texture, from hairstrokes to powder or ombre misting. Additionally, clients can try out the new ‘Barely There Brow’ to give a wash of colour through the brow.

The final product looks like something you’d see in a real-life setting. Many of our clients, who have lost their hair for any cause, are overcome with their new defined eyebrow confidence.


Using Aiyana Beauty, you can finally say goodbye to runny eyeliner.

As we all know, eye makeup that is well-defined and brilliant can help to produce a youthful and fresh face. The most important part of our body language is our eyes, which reflect how we are connected and express ourselves.

Eyes can be nicely framed by lining the top, bottom, or both. Additionally, it can be enhanced with a delicate flick or Smokey lash augmentation.

We employ a variety of techniques to create an attractive frame for the eyes, such as a soft line, a thicker line, or a Smokey liner, according to the client’s preference.

Applying eyeliners to achieve a defined look can be a difficult or time-consuming chore for many ladies. Numerous well-known makeup artists have frequently acknowledged applying, removing, and reapplying their eyeliners at the end of the day to correct wobbles, smudges, or even fading.

If you desire well-defined eyes, you have arrived at the perfect place.

Fortunately, our Aiyana Beauty cosmetics specialists have designed a selection of bespoke treatments that enhance the shine in your eyes, make your lashes appear fuller, and define your eyes with delicate definition and a smattering of color. Our fantastic eye makeup treatments will leave you with brighter, younger, and sexier eyes when you awaken.

Lips – Get kissable!

Not ready for fillers? Could it be that your natural lip line lost its pigmentation? Our lips can be made to appear bigger and younger by filling them in with gorgeous natural color or creating an ombre effect, which gives the lips a more dimensional appearance.

We use a range of techniques from barely there to full lip colour to the ombre effect to give dimension to the lip area.

If you have thin lips, our lip liner treatments might help you regain the colour and definition you may have lost with time. Asymmetry in the lip area can be corrected with our lip tattoo treatments by using the perfect shade of lip liner to match your skin tone and by plumping the lip area as well.

After the procedure is completed, you will have the Angelina Jolie-like pout you’ve always wanted. A dab of high-sheen lip gloss and your favorite high heels are all that’s needed for a night out on the town!

Let permanent makeup change your life today! Take a break from continually applying makeup and save yourself some time by contacting us at Aiyana Beauty to schedule your treatment today!

Our consultations are always free. You will have the opportunity to ask every question. Have makeup applied to the area to help you visualize the result, while also having a skin test.

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