Powder Ombre Brows

powder and ombre brows

This is done with a machine in a more traditional tattoo method but not as deep or blocky. Once healed this mimics the look of a pencil or powder brow. This method is suitable for all skin types and is flattering for all ages.

There are a couple of different powder brow styles, a full defined brow or with a fade towards the front or the front and top edge can be lighter to give a softer ombre effect.

Microblade hairstrokes

hairstroke and microblading brow

Microblading is a manual method where hairstrokes are created with a hand held tool, which creates natural looking hair strokes. Not suitable for oily skin with large pores. It also looks most natural when there are some brow hairs to mix with.

Digital microblading or hairstrokes is a method of creating hairs using a tattoo machine. Suitable for most skin types. looks most natural when there are natural hairs to mix with.

combination hybrid brows

combination brow

Combination or hybrid brows give you the best of both worlds. You can have a natural look while having some shading and definition. Suits most skin types and ages.

Brows can be given a fluffier effect at the head of the brow and strength throughout the arch and tail.

barely-there Brow

barely there brow

The tattoo machine is used to create the most softest of brows. Super soft ombre brow with a defined base going up to the borderless pixelated translucent top line and head. Suitable for all skin types and ages.

There is no 6-10 week colour boost top-up required as this is designed to be super soft.

Airstroke Brows

Airstroke Brows

Combination brows got an upgrade!

NEW Airtstroke Brows have both the defined hairstroke and the soft airy strokes that almost give a shadow effect from the hair. These brows are super realistic and suit most skin types.

Appoinment Information

Time: Approx 2 – 2.5 hours

Lasts: 2-4 years depending on method used, annual refresh recommended (microblading may need more frequent top-ups)

Colour boost Top up: Included for full priced powder/ombre, microblading/hairstrokes, combination/hybrid and airstroke brows only between 6-10 weeks after inital procedure

Pain Level: Minimal (everyone has a different pain threshold, numbing is used)